Split - Mel Bossa Absolutely Stunning!Warning: When you start reading this book, make sure you give yourself plenty of time, because you will not want to put it down. This is a very touching story that captured me from the beginning. Little Derek broke my heart! He's such a beautiful character, so shy, kind, funny and sensitive. And I felt in love with the Lunds, all of them: Johan, Helga and their three children: Lene, Boone and Nick. Lene, the youngest, is a little bit crazy, reads a lot and has a crush on Derek... Boone, the middle child, is Derek's best friend and one of my favorites characters: he's loyal, troublemaker and totally obsessed with girls and the movie Top Gun. And then there is the eldest son, Nicolai... angry, stubborn, wild, "dangerous" and the object of Derek's love.Through the pages of a journal kept by Derek when he was eleven years old, we got to know about his loneliness, his confusing feelings toward Nick and his love for aunt Frannie, the only relative who truly understood him.I would recommend this book to a friend because: -It's intense and very different -The characters are fabulous -Derek and Nick are so perfect together -It's beautifully writtenSo read it!